5 symptoms which show kidney failure

As we all know that Kidney is a very important part of our body. Kidney helps clean out the blood and take out all the toxic substances from the body. By the way, there are two kidneys in the body. According to the doctor, a person can survive on the basis of a single kidney. But if the kidney worsens, then many problems have to be faced. Today, we are going to tell you about some of the symptoms that indicate kidney damages.

Here are 5 symptoms which shows your kidney needs extra care and has started damage.

1- Well, pain in the stomach is a common problem. But if your stomach starts getting painful on the right or left side then it should never be ignored. This pain may be a sign of kidney failure.

2- Due to swelling in the hands and feet, kidney damage can also happen. Many types of toxic elements begin to accumulate in the body after the kidney gets damaged, resulting in inflammation in the hands and feet.

3- If blood comes from the urine, it can be a sign of kidney failure. In this case, contact your doctor immediately.

4- If you feel more weak and tired and not able to have proper sleep due to which you  face difficulties in each and every day routine work then this can be a symptom of kidney failure.

5- If you have dry and itchy skin, then it can be a sign of the mineral and bone disease that often accompanies complex kidney disease. It ocurres when the kidneys are no longer able to keep the right balance of minerals and nutrients in your blood.