Dont eat almonds otherwise ...........

Almond is a very delicious dry fruit. It is also very beneficial for our health. There is plenty of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, fibers and antioxidants present in this. Those who help keep the body healthy. By eating three to four almonds regularly, health can get lots of benefits. But do you know that eating almonds for some people is harmful. Today we are going to tell you about people who should not eat almonds.

Here are some dont’s suggesting  to not take almonds  if you have certain deseases like following :


1- Do not eat almonds if you have high blood pressure problem. People who have any problem related to Kidney Stone or Gallbladder should not eat almonds. Almonds contain abundant oxalates which cause harm to the problem of kidney stones.


2- Almond contains abundant fiber. Consumption of almonds in high quantities can lead to problems related to digestion. Almond is rich in vitamin E. If you consume excess quantities of almonds, then this can cause headaches, fatigue or migraine problems.


3- Do not eat almonds if you are consuming antibiotic medicine due to any illness. If you have acidity problems then eating almonds can be harmful to you.