Forget Internet! Know about Dark net




We know internet infarct in this ultra modern world we depend for each and everything to the net. But have you ever heard about dark net- Here are some interesting facts-

Tor- the hidden network aims to hide its users' identities and their online movements from close watch and traffic analysis by separating identification and routing. It is an execution of onion routing that encrypts and then at random leap communications through a network of relays operated by volunteers around the world.

Onion routing is a technical system for unidentified communication over a computer network.Messages is encapsulated in layers of encryption in an onion network, analogous to layers of an onion.

A relay network is a wide class of network topology generally used in wireless networks, where the source and destination are interconnected via some nodes. .Therefore the network sends or "relays" the information to different devices, named as nodes that pass on the row of information to its destination.

Dark Net is an umbrella term which describes the portions of the Internet firmly not open to public vision or out of sight networks. Its architecture is place over on the Internet.It refers to networks that are not indexed by commonly search engines such as Google, Bing  or Yahoo.

Networks of Dark net are only available to a select group of people and not to the general internet public. These are only accessible via authorization, specific software and configurations.

Dark net is a home for harmless places such as academic databases and corporate sites but this is also entertains some shadier subjects such as black markets, fetish communities, as well as hacking and piracy.