Gram Flour Gives Golden Look With Turmeric Powder

You can  adopt some domestic ways to get golden strength in the face. If you do not want to buy beauty products, then these homemade remedies can make your  face beautiful and glowing  with easy ways. Turmeric and Gram flour are oldest Indian domestic medicines.Known as  Besan  in India with antibiotic product like turmeric are considered very beneficial for the skin. If you also want instant  magic for the party, then this will help you to make the face clean.

To remove the problem of tanning, take 2 table spoon of turmeric powder, some drops of rose water and lemon juice in 2 table spoons of gram flour. Put this pack on face. After 20 minutes wash the face with normal water. This will make your skin shiny. If you want clean, unblemished skin, you can put this pack twice a week. If dryness is felt on the face then mix curd instead of lemon juice.

Benefits of turmeric powder

You'll find flawless look. After this, you do not need to use any cosmetic face pack. This herbal face pack will remove all the problems of your face like Acne, pimples, tanning.