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#InternationalYogaDay : Wittygossip Association to organize Educators & Innovators Development Program


Wittygossip Association is going to organize “A Two Day Educators & Innovators Development Programme” (In context of Modern IT Education and Mental Fitness) Commencing from 20 June 2020 to 21 June 2020 on the ocassion of International yoga day.

The objective of this workshop is to disseminate issues relating to societal values, and customs with encouraging of international harmony through the mix of ancient and modern values. This workshop also aims to spread awareness of Ultra Modern IT education and e-learning among educators, Research Scholars and Innovators through various social media platforms.

The link for Registration is given below- https://tinyurl.com/wittygossip

 On this robust platform which is dedicated for intellectual and intellect personalities around the globe where great mind discuss ideas, the witty club and its members form all disciplinary professions across the world will participate especially educators and Innovators.

The Two day workshop will be hosted using Google Meet platform  in presence of  6 Guest Speakers and representatives from all transnational chapters around the world ensuring community of intellectual people could get aware of most happening ultra modern Information technology trends and will  explores areas of inter-regional cooperation and mutual concerns.

Worth mention here this workshop is also going to focus on mental fitness and will assist participants to remove mental fatigue using digital detoxification methods.

Meet Guest speakers of Educators & Innovators Development Programme

1. Uday Kant Jha  -

University of Massachusetts

Dartmouth, USA

Group Captain Uday Kant Jha VM (Retired) took premature retirement from Indian Air Force in 2016 after 26 years of illustrious service. For the last 4 years, he has been teaching Quantitative Business Analysis, Business Analytics, Applied Decision Techniques, Statistical Analysis, and Business Statistics at the Charlton College of Business, University of Massachusetts, and Dartmouth. He has published and presented papers at MinneBOS 2019 in Boston University, Massachusetts and the Analytics without Borders Conference in Bryant University, Rhode Island, USA.

He also led Indian delegation of armed forces to 4th International Symposium on the Development of Military Academies in May 2015, at the Spanish Army Military Academy, Zaragoza, Spain.

2. Leonilo Basas Capulso

President/CEO, Beyond Books Publication

DepEd Pampanga, Philippines

Leonilo Basas Capulso, is a multi-award winning Filipino Master Teacher, Speaker and Researcher and “Dangal ng bayan” award winner from Pampanga, Philippines. He is also the recipient of Asian Achiever Award (2019), Gawad Pat National Award (2019), Outstanding Research Advocate of The Philippines Award (2019) and Most Outstanding Teacher Award (2018). His network with other international organization became a bridge in hosting international research conferences in the Singapore, Bangkok, Philippines and Vietnam.

His love for less fortunate moved him to conduct studies and advocacies for community development in the depressed areas and initiated literary and faith program to select children of Macabebe, Pampanga, Philippines. As an educational leader, he has written contextualized curriculum modules for values education.

3. Zahiruddin Babar

 CEO & Co-Founder

RED Vision Computer Technologies P Ltd.

As a dynamic techno-financial expert, technical qualification of Internet Architecture specialist, MBA in Financial from IMS, Indore, Zahiruddin Babar brings in around 17 years of experience in serving the technology and financial industry.

As Co-Founder, CEO, Chief Software Architect, Techno-Financial expert, Business Analyst, and Visionary at RED Vision Computer Technologies P Ltd, passion to bring the technology revolution in the fintech industry.

4. Dr. Gina Alcoriza

Faculty member

University of Santo Tomas-Legazpito

She is a University Faculty Member at University of Santo Tomas – Legazpi. She is a board Member at Union of Filipino Tourism Educators. Along with she is a Region 5 Ambassador at PARTH - Philippine Association of Researchers for Tourism and Hospitality. She Studied Doctor of Business Administration at University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi . She also Studied Tourism at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

She will share her expertise on sustainable management of Tourism Destination while considering the Special Interest on Tourism for a Strategic Approach focusing undergraduate students and people from who have Special Interest on tourism Marketing Modules.

5. Vincent Thomas

Managing Director


Certified trainer for TOEFL and SAP certified in Sales and Distribution, He is an emerging name in the field of Soft Skill Training and Corporate Training. He is awarded with National Excellence Award 2019 for his contribution in education industry. Managing Director of Cynosure has been working in this field for over 12 years. An MBA in Marketing, he has diverse fields such as International call centre, Event Management, Human Resource, Corporate Training etc. As a trainer, he is very passionate towards training and that is the USP of his training and because of this USP the training sessions are more interactive, with practical life examples. He has delivered career guidance sessions in over 170 institutions (schools & colleges).

Vincent Thomas has successfully trained more than 2, 50,000 students for Spoken English, Soft Skills Development & Accent Neutralization. He has counselled more than 2400 students and helped them to attain a good career path. He is a registered trainer with corporate clients like Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), EICHER (Tafe motors), Zed black etc.

6. Anjani Pandey

She is expert to demonstrate effective content focusing to be on "Applied & Functional English" than theoretical learning. He uses innovative and creative learning methodologies to make classes interactive. she is pro to establish & maintain a positive climate for learning through appropriate classroom management strategies.

She knows how to develop the content and session plans, as and when required. She works closely with the front-end team to analyze the needs of the prospective students and suggest the suitable module.

The Wittygossip Association in future also will organize various Initiatives and development programs including trade, corporate social responsibility, environmental practices, and youth entrepreneurship, Women Empowerment and Child welfare as well as corporate management, E-Business and E-leanings for all sections of community.