Medi Caps University in allience with University of Tripoli Alahila orgnize webinar on e-learning experience


Medi-Caps University, India and University of Tripoli , libya signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) virtually in the presence of Prof.(Dr.) Sunil K Somani, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Pradyumna Yadav Registrar, Medi-Caps University and Dr. Sheren Njaim, Head, Dr. Ahmed Atia, Director, Center of scientific research and international cooperation , University of Tripoli, Libya for
 enhancement  the mutual cooperation between the both universities for academic cooperation and research activities.

In this series, an international webinar on " The Global Experience of e-learning during COVID 19" was organized jointly by Medi Caps University, India and Tripoli University, Libya. The program was virtually  inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) Sunil K. Somani, Vice Chancellor, Medi-Caps University and Dr. Shereen Nazaime, Head, Tripoli University, Libya.


The main speakers Dr. Tarik idbeaa, University of Tripoli, Libya, Dr. Eduardo Zubero , Spain, Dr. Bhagavthullah , Czech Republice, Dr. Ouajdouni Abdulaziz , Morocco, Dr. Adel Diyaf, Director, Center of International Cooperation , Libya, Dr. Abdulmajid Khashkhousha, Director of Science Affairs, University of Alhadera, Libya and Dr. Hisham Ben Massud, Director, Libyan society of General Medicnce , Libya delivered the experiences  on the E- learning.


Dr. Ravindra Pathak, In-charge of International Relations, University of Medi-Caps gave information about the MOU and the programs to be organized jointly in the next session. A detailed discussion on the problems and solutions in e-learning at the international level was discussed in the webinar.