Need 100-watt smile - Know 3 Common dental myths that actually harmful for your teeth

Who does not want a 100-watt smile with shiny and white teeth, they light up not just one's look, but the complete surroundings as well!  Today we are going to discuss some myths along with facts about healthy and strong teeth.

A clean and healthy mouth can also be of assistance in building immunity   and keep infections far away and show good health taken as a whole. As we all know that the mouth is also an imperative and key doorway point for bacteria, making oral health a part of overall health but like all moreover, when it comes to the teeth, there are a number of myths surrounding it that doesn't agree to the teeth to be in their best physical condition.

Read These 3 Myths -

Myth number 1: If you brush teeth hard it makes them whiter, Shiny and cleaner

It is one of the most widespread myths and most of us are told to brush teeth hard to remove food particles and germs,  but The truth is, brushing teeth hard leads to tooth scratches and ruins the shell of the teeth over time.


Myth number 2:  Bleeding gums should not brush

A real sign of pain to the teeth is bleeding gums. Gums can also bleed because of a lot of plaque build-up which can turn into gum irritations and sometimes infections all around.

In its place of just washing off the gums, make sure you brush it well with a soft tooth-brush to remove any plaque in the infected part.


Myth Number 3: White enamel is strong and healthy

White enamels are certainly appealing to strong and healthy  but they can also be a false impression most times. In fact the natural color of teeth changes as we age. Just because they don't shine and aren't a pearly white shade doesn't mean they aren't strong .


Appeal - Before believing on such assumptions, it is healthier and best to visit a dentist and let them come to a decision.