Nipah virus : Know 8 Symptoms with some Do's and Dont's

Dangerous and deadly virus "nipah" is spreading rapidly across the country. There is no treatment for this and the patient goes into "coma" within 24 hours. These diseases are spread by infected pigs and bats.



1. Fever

2. Headache

3. Divine suspense (delusion)

4. Vomiting

5. Muscular pain

6. Symptoms of Pneumonia

7. Mild unconsciousness

8. Inflammation of the brain


Protect yourself from the following -

1. Stay away from pigs.


2. Do not eat fruits that are cut by birds. Buy fruits very carefully and do not even eat the juice that is found in the outside.


3. Do not eat dates(Khajoor).


4. Do not even go around the accommodation in the forest areas, Mostly in bat occupied places.


5. Only travel if it is urgent, if possible avoid.


6. Because this virus is highly contagious, so do not eat anything outdoors or drink it.


7. Since it also spreads with pigs, therefore, avoid eating meat and also from places where meat is sold.


8. If any person is infected, give him intensive care immediately and keep any item of his use separate.



** Keep in mind that this is the latest virus entering the bio series. Its vaccine and medicines are at the experiment level right now.

Apart from Intensive Care, the virus not currently  can be cured for any treatment.