Passion for Parkour – Meet Nepal's Dinesh Sunar, 18 Guinness World Records holder in Terrific Twisting Backflips


Dinesh Sunar – aka ‘Parkour Dinesh’ – is a Nepali stuntman, parkour athlete and police officer who has set 18 Guinness World Records with title for the Most twisting backflips off a wall in one minute (parkour).

 In first attempt, He managed to complete a staggering 18 flips during the event in Kathmandu, where a crowd of people gathered with joyfulness and applaud on him.

According to Guinness World Records website, “The rules for this physically demanding attempt state that each flip must be a full mid-air 360 degree rotation backwards. The challenger must also rotate the body 360 degrees in a barrel-roll twist while in the air, and then land facing the wall”.

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For several years Passionate for Parkour, Dinesh has been doing really hard work and he has now accomplished his dream to be a Guinness World Records title holder.

Dinesh at the age of 15 started practicing in these sports and now he is president of the Parkour Freerunning Association of Nepal. He has grabbed the 18th Times Guinness World Records Title.

Famous as a Pro Parkour Athletes, Gymnast, Instructor & Stuntman Dinesh has worked in a department of the local Armed Police Force in Nepal where he made use of his athletic talents. Not only this, Dinesh has also worked as a stuntman in a number of Nepali movies and has even appeared in one Bollywood movie.



Nepali Parkour athlete Dinesh Sunar has been also conferred a world record certificate for the third time in the Guinness Book of World Records by Former Prime Minister and CPN (UML) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda amid the program held at the Nepal Police Club, Kathmandu. Dinesh has set a record in the ‘most twisting back-flips off a wall in 30 seconds’. He completed 11 back-flips in 30 seconds.

Parkour Dinesh to represent Nepal in America's Got Talent

Dinesh has been selected for America's popular TV show America Got Talent (AGT). He was the first Nepali to represent Nepal in AGT.

His outstanding ability and spirited drive, as well as his strength and tenacity, have distinguished him as a superior athlete. Among his endeavors, he set new Guinness World Records for the most backward somersaults while skipping in thirty seconds with fourteen on May 4, 2022. Apart from this he also set a record in the most standing full twist backflips in thirty seconds with thirteen on June 10, 2022, and the most full twist backward somersault burpees in one minute (male) with twelve on June 26, 2022. Indeed, he has gained the admiration and respect of all those who have witnessed his actions.

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 Motivational Message for Youth -

 He teaches people the fundamentals of self-reliance and the rewards of individual effort, participation in physical activities and now he has become a valuable means of imparting these values. Athletes such as him exemplify the qualities necessary for excellence in any sport, including discipline, agility, conditioning, and focus, and through his participation in parkour and gymnastics, he has learned lessons of perseverance and hard work that will undoubtedly be of great benefit to the throughout him life.

On this Nepali-American Athlete from Queens a borough of New York City, both countries feels proud . 

The parkour pro has also added the title of States of New York Proclaimed Award in his ever-growing list of accolades.


He has been awarded by also Rotary Club NY Queens by Mr. Thomas J Crowley Governor 7255 for his tireless work dedication and service to the community .



May be an image of text that says "Nelu York State Assembly Citation Congratulations On behalf of the New York State Assembly's 34th district, Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas pleased to present the following citation to: TIR Dinesh Sunar For.your tireless effort, dedication and service-to the community. Your contribution, care and selfless acts for many years reflection ofthe successful community leader that.y you are. Thank you for that you do! With Gratitude, The Honorable Jessica González-Rojas Member of Assembly, 34th District July 09, 2023"

Apart from this Now he has won the Global Youth Empowerment Excellence Awards 2023 for his incredible achievement in the field of sports .