People of Financial world discuss on " Importance of Women Finpowerment"

A disproportionate role played by women in families and society has always been crucial and for that they are respected but on special occasions. When it comes to women’s financial role, most of them consider themselves as secondary source of income and therefore, the huge gap of financial gender imparity is nearly unchanged. This is infract- A case which is not only in India but in the whole world. To address this issue, TDP Global and Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry in alliance with Medi Caps University, Witty Gossip Association and RedVision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. together organized "International Virtual Conference- “ Be a Savvy Native of Financial World" -An initiative to train the brain for Financial Wellness, Financial Gender Parity & Women empowerment towards strengthening of Self-Reliant India Mission or Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.

In this conference being a Chief Guest Professor Doctor Sunil K Somani , Vice Chancellor  , Medi Caps University Indore addressed several important issues related to this topic .

In this conference being  a guest speaker Dr. Ashok Haldia Ji who has, with his immense experience gave a thought and direction to this much needed area and has appealed to initiated a drive to educate women for their informed financial decisions and sensitize them to take a lead role towards their empowerment and bringing out a financial gender parity through their transformative behavioral change.

 Shri Surya Kant Sharma Ji, Sr. Consultant, AMFI who has supported this initiative and Shri Munish Sabharwal, Sr. Vice President, SBI Mutual Funds enlightened to the participants about the importance of Financial wellness.

Ms. Shikha Sharma, President, South Asian Chamber of commerce  & Industry and National President - WICCI for National Council of Food and Nutrition , along with Dr. Supriya Pathak , Director Foreign Affairs Witty Gossip Association gave hearty welcome to the participants and all dignitaries of this conference. This session was attended by eminent speakers who are indeed stalwarts in the area of personal finance.

On the second day of conference, outstanding women speakers put light on issues of financial securities.

“There is a gender angle involved in fin-powerment and overall financial wellness.

The environment and the life cycle of a woman make her financial needs different. Accordingly, the templates ans solutions also need to be designed to meet these differences”,.-Ms. Sutapa Sanyal, former DGP in Uttar Pradesh Police asserted  .She was the guest of honor on second day of conference .

Women are overloaded for work at home that's what make them unable to take control over personal finance beyond a certain minimum level of  savings. They need to take time out for savings and investments from their routine. Monika Halan, the author of very informative book in this field , “ Let us talk money “, was quoted .

“Educating women is what every one speaks about  but men need to be educated more toward education of women personal finance “, quoted by the great speaker of this field -Preetha Wali, Co founder-Pay it forward .

Bindu Sastry, the Iron lady in the world of cyber securities  said, “Financial frauds are not gender biased but both men and women are at varous cyber risks”.

Enkeleda Lulaj, the Advisory Board Member at Georgia State University talked about the importance of Budget Education for financial wellbeing.

On the other hand , the Key note speaker , Zahiruddin Babar, Co-Founder & CEO- REDVision Computer Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  gave emphasis on that How Financial Literacy Can Empower Women.