Top 5 Trends to wear Kurthi on jeans

Most girls like to wear jeans in today's time and they preferred to wear kurtis on jeans. Today we are going to tell you some fascinating designs of Kurtis that are very comfortable in the summer season. You can wear these kurtis and go to college, office or for any outing.

1- Nowadays, kurtis with front cut slit are becoming very popular in girls. These kurtis look very beautiful with jeans. To get the perfect look, carry a kurti with a front cut slit with your jeans.

2- The kurta of floral prints in summer season looks very beautiful. If you wear floral prints with jeans, it will give you a very beautiful and stylish look.

3- With your jeans wearing a  stand color cotton Kurti of light color, is also  gives beautiful look as well as being  you are able to wear in any season with comfort.

4- Nowadays in the market you will easily get slit kurtas with straight cut side cut. Wearing these will give you a hot and different look.

5- Nowadays, collar kurtis are running in  trends. Wearing a collar kurti in the summer season gives a cool and fresh look.