Wanna go abooad ! Offer toy airplanes in this Hawaijahaj' Gurudwara

There are millions of temples in our country and many Gurudwaras. All the people come here and worship their lords in their own way. After worshiping, they also offer Bhog and Prasad. But Most of the places for worship have such different assumptions. Today we are telling you about some such gurudwara that is most poplualr because of the special offerings. This such gurudwara is so different because there is airplanes are offered in ‘special Chadhawa’ .

Shaheed Baba in Jalandhar is a gurdwara of Nihal Singh. In This gurudwara devotees does not offer any kind of food items, but here the  airplane toys are always used to offer as a special chadhawa. And so this Gurudwara is also known as Airplane Gurudewara.

Yes its truly amazed that the shrine is now popularly known as 'Hawaijahaj' (aeroplane) gurudwara.

It is assume that those who are seeking visa to go abroad, it is Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara that listens your wishes to visit around the world. In this  airplane  gurudwara toy is at the heart of prayers to clear your visa process . it may sound  Strange though but this Gurudwara in the tiny village of Talhan, about 12 km from Jalandhar and  has made people believe that if you wish to go overseas, you have to offer prayers along with a toy aeroplane and it will be answered.

According to Indiatoday , “On Sundays, the Gurudwara management find anything between 80 and 100 toy aeroplanes inside the first-floor hall of the Sikh shrine although it ridicules the idea as superstition,”.

Ok guies, here is a place of worship whose history is not famous much but has scaled heights due to its unusual and a strange tendency.