Wittygossip Association

Wittygossip Association where Great mind discuss ideas

Introduction -

Wittygossip Association offers a robust platform for intellectual and intellect personalities around the globe where great mind discuss ideas .This witty club and its members form all disciplinary professions across the world each year hosts its annual meeting in presence of representatives from all transnational chapters around the world ensuring community of intellectual people could get aware of most happening activities and explores areas of inter-regional cooperation and mutual concerns. This association assists in aiding new and smaller transnational groups to develop their potential and professional skills. Various Initiatives and development programs including trade, corporate social responsibility, environmental practices, and youth entrepreneurship, Women Empowerment and Child welfare as well as corporate management, E-Business and E-leanings for all sections of community organize. Many successful joint programs and collaboration associating the transnational chapters ensuring tools experts help to support their local group of people.

Wittygossip Association also offers a raised area to come as well to learn from and be inspired by some of the world’s most renowned figures from not only Education fraternity but also from ultra modern business world  and beyond – a blend of content comprising CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, artists, and sportspeople. It organizes many events for Business community to learn and explore new ideas that bring together thousands of restless minds united by their passion for creating unique. Besides, it also contributes to set global business and educational reforms.

Vision –

To assist Intellectual communities

Wittygossip Association stages   a wing of Intellectuals Forum to enhance and open a new vista for their Matchless potential along with business acumen.

Mission –

To Explore What Great minds do

Realize the full potential of witty minded community universally through their research and education, with full participation in culture to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity in the internet possessing world.