Women Stay alert ! Consuming milk may cause fracture of bones

Breakfast is very important for a healthy body. In such a way it is necessary to include nutritious foods in breakfast. Through which the body is full of velocity all day long. Some people consume milk in breakfast. But it is not necessary at all that milk consumption is beneficial for all people. Many people may also suffer from drinking milk. The milk contains 8 grams of protein. After eating milk, it feels bit heaviness with stomach. Proteins present in milk are helpful in building muscles. If you consume milk in the empty stomach, then it takes more time to digest.

Those who have strong digestion power should consume milk in the morning breakfast. By mixing basil leaves in a glass of milk, drinking can get rid of many problems related to health. The body remains always healthy if glass of milk is consumed with basil leaves and sugar . By mixing sugar and tulsi leaves in the milk, the calcium present in the milk will reach your bones easily.

If you have any problems related to digestion then do not consume milk in empty stomach, because it can lead to constipation and acidity problems. Consuming more than three glasses of milk in a day brings great harm to the health in fact over in taking of milk increases the risk of fracture in women's bones.