World Environment Day 2018 : Let's Make Plastic Free world

The World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year .This year the World Environment Day is being hosted by India. All of you must know that this time the 45th World Environment Day is going to be celebrated and it was started only for the protection of the environment. World Environment Day is celebrated every year for the protection of trees and to prevent from global warming. We all have the responsibility of protecting trees. On this day, many types of programs are organized throughout the country and world.

Each year, different themes of celebrating World Environment Day are preserved and this year the World Environment Day theme is 'Beat Plastic Pollution'. This theme is selected to tell us that how much we depend on plastic without have awareness that plastic can lead to an unhealthy life .This time everyone has to create a free, plastic world which will soon come true with the help and conciseness of everyone. This time, how to eliminate plastic from the world, all this will be explained in the theme, which you will be able to understand easily, and after working on it, your work will make the world plastic free.

So Let us avoid plastic to live  in a healthy and plastic free world.